10. november 2016, Allen Kalpin

Supervisionsdag med Allen Kalpin.

I forlængelse af seminaret d. 8.-9. november (se nedenfor) afholdes d. 10. november en hel supervisionsdag med Kalpin. Du kan deltage som såvel supervisand som observatør. Supervisionen er baseret på videocases, og supervisander bedes medbringe videobaseret casemateriale. Der er et begrænset antal pladser, som besættes efter først-til-mølle-princippet. Deltagelse koster kr. 1000 for en hel dag incl. forplejning.

Hvornår: 10. november kl. 9-16 evt. 17.

Hvor: Hotel Faber, Eckersbergsgade 17, 8000 Aarhus C.

Tilmelding sker ved at indbetale kr. 1000 på Selskabets konto 7160-1741862 (IBAN; DK4971600001741862, BIC/SWIFT; SYBKDK22)  med tydelig angivelse af navn samt sende en mail til med angivelse af, om du ønsker at få supervision eller være observatør. Tilmeldingsfrist er d. 1. oktober. Der er stadig ledige pladser til supervisionsdagen.

8.-9. november 2016, Allen Kalpin

2-dages seminar med Allen Kalpin: Mindfulness og ISTDP – hvordan samspillet mellem specifikke teknikker og mindfulness kan berige terapien.

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Hvornår: d. 8.-9. november kl. 8.30-17.00 (kaffe og registrering kl. 8.30-9.00). Tilmeldingsfrist d. 1. oktober 2016. Læs mere om tilmelding i flyeren ovenfor. Vær opmærksom på at det korrekte BIC er SYBKDK22 – der mangler et bogstav i flyeren. Der er stadig ledige pladser til seminaret.

Hvor: Studenternes Hus, Richard Mortensenstuen, Fredrik Nielsensvej 2-4, 8000 Aarhus C.

Allen Kalpin, MD, practices and teaches ISTDP in Ontario, Canada.  He also practices addiction medicine.  He is a founder, past president, and current board member of the International Experiential Dynamic Therapy Association (IEDTA) and past president of the (Canadian) General Practice Psychotherapy Association (GPPA).  He has published many articles on ISTDP and has taught at EDT and ISTDP conferences and workshops in France, Spain, Italy, Denmark, the United States, and Canada.

Although the word “mindfulness” has so far not much been used in ISTDP literature, mindfulness is central to successful ISTDP practice.
“When trying to understand why therapy is not progressing, we can often be aware that we have not sufficiently used our knowledge and techniques in therapy, but even attention to these factors can be problematic. The problem is that the focus on any preconceived agenda can distract us from being present and responsive in the moment. An orientation toward the achievement of a therapeutic goal can overshadow the experience of compassion, empathy, and human connection.”

“When watching any effective ISTDP session we can see that they have one thing in common: Both the therapist and the patient are focused on experience in the present moment.”

Using audiovisually recorded vignettes from psychotherapy sessions Dr. Kalpin will demonstrate how skills and techniques will be most effective when they are applied in the context of a relationship in which both people are as experientially and mindfully present as possible.

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9.-10. maj 2016, Robert Neborsky

2-dages seminar med Robert Neborsky, MD: Healing Attachment Trauma with Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy – The Importance of accessing unconscious feelings early in the treatment.

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Hvornår: d. 9. maj kl. 8.30-17.00 (kaffe og registrering kl. 8.30-9.00) samt d. 10. maj kl. 9.00-17.00. Tilmeldingsfrist d. 1. april 2016. Læs mere om tilmelding i flyeren ovenfor.

Hvor: Karens Minde Kulturhus, Wagnersvej 19, 2450 København SV.

Robert J. Neborsky is a psychiatrist in private practice in California, Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at UCSD School of Medicine, Honorary Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at UCLA School of Medicine, and President of California Society for ISTDP.

Dr. Neborsky has presented extensively at international symposia, led training groups in Europe, Canada, and USA, and authored several papers, books, and book chapters. He is involved in research on the interface between neuroscience, attachment, and psychotherapy.

Insecure attachment and problems in the client’s life and therapy – How can the therapist help to resolve the problems? 
Clinical aspects and treatment outcome
At this conference, Dr. Neborsky will demonstrate the technique of Attachment Based Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy (AB-ISTDP), a form of therapy that relies heavily on the research and method of Dr. Habib Davanloo, whose research on psychiatric outpatients demonstrated how accessing unconscious affects (“unlocking the unconscious”) early in the course of dynamic psychotherapy accelerates and deepens the therapeutic process, ensuring a favorable outcome. Dr. Davanloo also recognized the importance of maintaining a secure attachment bond between the client and therapist, similar to the bond between the child and the caregiver, and its importance for the adult’s mental health.

Dr. Robert Neborsky will present video-filmed vignettes from psychotherapy sessions (subtitled in English) of his adaptation of Davanloo’s method, and demonstrate how the therapist can help clients improve their adult attachment, from insecure states toward secure forms of adult attachment.